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TIPS - Content Curation for Inspiration: Tips for Marketers

TIPS - Content Curation for Inspiration: Tips for Marketers | Tips |
Wondering how content curation fits into your marketing mix? Check out these tips and tools to help you curate wisely.
Peg Corwin's insight:

The curation tips very useful on are:

1. Find a few trusted sources as your main sources (It is easy with to get overwhelmed by unread but related materials.)
2. Use keyword phrases, not single keywords to import comment. (I have found that quoting those phrases also helps to target.)
3. Monitor others relevant digests/boards (After a while, you get to know who is collecting good stuff, and they become great sources.)
4. Use the bookmarklet  (Makes scooping fast, but check the board/digest you are scooping to)
5. Add comment and story-telling to make it interesting.(I collect mostly tips, but will try to add more story telling to my comments.)

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