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SUGGESTIONS - Fiddling With Suggestion Sources on

SUGGESTIONS - Fiddling With Suggestion Sources on | Tips |
Peg Corwin's insight:

Figuring out how to hone your Suggestions to identify the most relevant takes trial and error.  It probably also depends on whether you had other regular sources of links, like RSS feeds or trusted social media contacts. 

If you just put in keywords and select all the sources offered, you will probably be overwhelmed with PR releases and irrelevant Twitter conversations. You may become discouraged that you always have 100 items to review. Further, many of those are useless.

Initially, because I am interested in business content, I deleted Google News. To make Twitter useful, I tried Twitter lists of experts.  I focused on blogs, but found I was duplicating references I had already seen in my RSS feed reader.

Then I realized that what I really wanted from was the community.  For now in my Suggestions, I have eliminated all sources except members.  This provides higher quality content to review and enables me to Like and Scoop what others have curated, building on their expertise.  And it boosts my topic scores.

How do you configure your Suggestion Sources?

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