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We’ve been hearing (and talking) a lot about curation and how helpful it can be for companies. As you all know, I’m sure, great content is one sure thing i
Peg Corwin's insight:

Excerpt on Giving Traffic Away

" is an excellent way to increase your authority on a topic. How does that happen if you’re pointing the traffic someplace else? You don’t grab the whole post. You make that post yours (NOT by stealing it, put the copy machine away) by putting your spin on it.

  • Choosing images: Most posts come with an image. If they don’t, I’ll sometimes add my own image; it’s my museum and I can’t put black velvet under that piece if I want to. (make sure you give credit to the image)
  • Choosing a teaser: All posts come with some kind of content, obviously. Often, I grab a teaser. Not from the beginning, but a particular point that stood out to me – a pearl of wisdom, if you will. That teaser is what I use for the description of the link I’m sending my visitors to.
  • Crafting your own teaser: Sometimes I’ll write my own opener, like why I felt this post was a good share, or where I disagreed.
  • Crafting a shocking combination: Occasionally, the set up for the link is all my own. A description based on something that shocked me or might shock my visitors, and an image to go along with it."


To get SEO benefit for your own site from your work, you need to upgrade to the version allowing you to host your topics on your own domain.  

Or you can scoop your own links to drive some traffic.

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