PINTEREST - You can now share your Scoops on Pinterest! | Tips |

If you like Social Media and have not heard of Pinterest yet, you probably took a loooong vacation. Some say it is growing as fast as Facebook; some are already fed up with it but nobody seems indifferent.

Including users who more and more share their scoops on Pinterest; a rising traffic source for pages as you can see at or in this chart.

So as we’ve designed to be the hub of your social media publishing, it won’t surprise you that we’ve been looking at ways to enable sharing to Pinterest more easily. Today, we’re happy to have completed a first step by including the “Pin it” button in the sharing options of a post (just like we added the Google +1 button before).

Over time, we will look at adding both Google + and Pinterest as connected social media accounts just like we do for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, WordPress and Tumblr but we didn’t want to keep you waiting any longer.

So now, more than ever, you can make an impact and catch attention with your topic magazines by sharing them everywhere.

And as we look to other connectivity options, just tell us: which social media service would you like us to connect next?